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2011 - Zagat Ratings & Review
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The “charming owners” “aim to please” at this “lovely”, “tucked away” Sleepy Hollow Thai where the “spicy” fare is “not dumbed down for Western palates”; expect “good-sized portions” and good-value pricing, especially in its “bargain” of a lunch special.



Thai Traditions, Made for Sharing

"Worth It

By Suzy Allman for The New York Times

" . . . Tucked into a residential area a few blocks south of Sleepy Hollow’s main thoroughfare, Tyrynda Thai practically glows with the warmth of its aromatic Thai cuisine and welcoming staff.

. . .
All the starters made appropriately zesty introductions to heartier dishes. We tried two types of crisped, greaseless, boneless duck: tamarind style, in a smooth, slightly smoky sauce; and honey style, with greens and a honeyed sauce.
Both were delectable . . . more



Westchester Magazine's 20 New Fabulous
Restaurants in Westchester

By Julia Sexton, Published January 21, 2010

Sleepy Hollow’s tidy, little Thai eatery has a pretty aggressive hand with the citrus, which is really welcome with all that
palate-coating coconut milk. While we love a tart and mushroomy tom ka gai (so perfect in the dead of winter), we’re devoted to Tyrynda’s lamb massaman, which offers a dizzying dip into luxury. Imagine nearly creamy lamb shanks, slow-cooked in heady fragrant massaman curry, punctuated by lush, ripe avocado chunks and the satisfying crunch of cashews.





Getting all Thai'd up

By Domenick Galat, January 5, 2010

Just a short walk away from the Tarrytown train station, the Tyrynda Thai restaurant of Sleepy Hollow is sure to spice up your trusted options for local restaurants.

With soft, glowing windows, the simple and quiet exterior exudes a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. Upon entering Tyrynda, I was greeted by a friendly staff and promptly seated down at a table that gave me view of the four other parties that were dining on a Friday night. It didn't take long for the owner to introduce himself, and he checked in regularly with both myself and other guests in the restaurant throughout our meal. 

The accommodating attitudes of the staff are expressed directly on the menu. Dishes can easily be customized to suit one's preference for spice and any potential allergies that can arise from the complex and diverse ingredients present . . . more


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